Announcement for part-time based employment

The Special Needs Support Center in collaboration with and support from SIDA (Addis Ababa University) has planned to conduct a tracer study on situation of graduates with disabilities in Addis Ababa. One competent applicant will be selected for the study.

Requirement for application:

1/ Tracer Study 

PhD in the field of special needs education or inclusive education.

Has publications in the field (could be a priority)

Previously involved on employment of persons with disabilities or in related study or task

Able to collect data based on the TOR and deliver the report ( guided by research procedure).

Fluent in English, particularly speaking and writing

Agree to sign agreement prepared for the task.

Completing based on the allocated numbers of days

2/ ICT worker from AAU staffs

 The ICT workers are expected to be professional in the area (BA degree or above)

 Abel to facilitate networking for 45 computers

Making computers ready for online examination

 Completing task based on the allocated numbers of days



Payment to be issued up on submission of the required report with expected quality

CV and copy of valuable documents must be attached with application

Location for application submission: Special Needs Support Center (Addis Ababa University, main campus)

Deadline for application: Nov 06/2020

For further information: 251-111242834