2018/2019 Achievements

  1. Major tasks accomplished

1.1 Germplasm acquisitions and transfer  

Thirty six advanced genotypes and three released B.carinatavarieties are acquired form Holetta Agricultural Research Center of EIAR, Oilseeds Research Program. These genotypes would be used as study materials for both research work conducted in Ethiopia as well as SLU, Sweden. Among these germplasms, five germplasms have been sent to SLU for protoplast optimizations experiment. The name and description of the B. carinata which have sent to SLU is presented in Table 1 below.

Table 1. Description of genotypes and varieties of Brasssicacarinata which has been sent at SLU

No Variety name/advanced name Breeding designation Seed color Year of release Remark
1 Yellow Doddola Mixed D X C90-14 Yellow 1986 Released variety
2 Tesfa S-67xHoletta-1/9/2/18/2/45/3 Yellow 2017 Released variety
3 Derash S-67XHoletta-1/7/2/14/2/28/2


Yellow 2017 Released variety
4 Advanced line-1 S-67x Holetta-1/7/1/13/1/25/3


Brown Pipeline variety
5 Advanced line-2 S-67x Holetta-1/8/2/16/2/30/3


Brown Pipeline variety

1.2 Characterization of the genotypes for agro-morphological and quality traits

The genotypes used for this project have been characterized for agro-morphological traits. These traits involve temporal data, yield and yield component and oil content. The type of data collected and methods of collection is presented in Table 2.

Table 2. Data collected for 36 B. carinata genotypes used for characterizations

Data categories Data collected Methods of data collection
Temporal data Date of flowering,  Date of maturity In plot bases
Yield and yield component data Yield, Plant height, and  Thousands seed weight (TSW) In 10 plant bases
Oil content Oil (%) and oil yield Using NMR