Addis Ababa University Information and Communication Technology Directorate (ICT)



AAU has a mission to advance knowledge through innovative and creative teaching,  research and community services; to respond to national needs, transfer and adopt relevant technology, while fostering democratic values, ensuring equity and diversity and serving as a center of excellence by way of encouraging robust exercise of academic freedom; developing vibrant graduate programs and nurturing professional competence, a humanistic education, a scientific culture, and producing critically committed and ethically strong citizen. The University recognizes ICT as a powerful enabling and transformation tool for institutional change and transformation to achieve its strategic missions and vision.

However, status of Addis Ababa University Information and Communication Technology concentrated mainly on the following themes:-

  • The University’s computer network (wiring, devices, servers, workstations).
  • Email and intranet web service infrastructure.
  • Staff infrastructure
  • End-user skills development and training
  • Electronic access to library resources
  • Data processing capacity and applications for teaching (computer practice rooms, eLearning)
  • Data processing capacity and applications for research (general science and discipline specific computing)
  • ICT applications for administration and management/decision making.
  • Management and control of ICT resources

ICT is accountable to the Office Vice President for Institutional Development and consists of five functional units:

  • ICT Infrastructure and Services.
  • Business Applications Development and Administration.
  • Learning-Teaching Technologies.
  • ICT Support and Maintenance.
  • ICT Training and Consultancy

Prioritized Areas for AAU-ICT development

  • Developing university-wide ICT Polices and Strategy Plan
  • Strengthening of AAU’s research position through advanced data processing facilities
  • Strengthening university-wide ICT governance and management including professional staff development and organizational structure.
  • Modernizing and upgrading desktop computing facilities.
  • Modernizing, upgrading and expanding University computer network.
  • Unified communication and collaboration facilitiesfor each campus
  • Creating common eLearning platform, online education expertise centre and distance
  • Creating a common eLearning platform
  • Developing eLearning competence

2018/2019 Achievements

  • Terms of reference prepared andinternal consultants identified forUpgrading of ICT governance system infrastructure which comprises of producing, approving and in place 6 governance system documents.
  • Project activities implementation strategy is drafted after serious of discussions among ICT and relevant academic departments.