AAU-Sida Projects Coordination Office Organized the first Nobel Lecture on 24, January 2024 at Ras Mekonnen Hall

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on October 27, 2020 by Professor Tassew Woldehanna, the former President of Addis Ababa University (AAU) and His Excellency Mr. Hans Henric Lundquist, Ambassador of Sweden to Ethiopia, the first Nobel Seminar was conducted on “Language as an expression of social construction, maintenance, and deconstruction” was held at Ras Mekonnen Hall on January 24, 2024. This seminar sponsored by Addis Ababa University in collaboration with Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa emphasizes the long-standing cooperation between the two institutions.

The purpose of the MoU is to organize an annual Nobel Lecture series at Addis Ababa University recurrently on December 10 to recognize the Swedish chemist, inventor, engineer and businessman, namely, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, to recognize his outstanding contributions to the advancement of science by initiation the Nobel Award system every year at the same data as stated above.

The renowned Professor Baye Yimam presenting public lecture at Ras Mekonnen Hall.

In his introductory remarks, Professor Brook Lemma, the Sida Projects’ Coordinator of AAU and Chairperson of the AAU University-wide Public Seminar Organizing Committee stated that this Nobel seminar could not be held since 2020 due to Covid-19 that restricted meetings, the conflict in Northern Ethiopia, and other factors. However, all the time Professor Baye Yimam remained committed to make his speech whenever circumstances allow. On this day of 24 January 2024 the time came for which he acknowledged Professor Baye Yimam full-heartedly for his enduring patience.

The seminar was moderated by Professor Zelalem Leyew of AAU, and it was attended by AAU academic staff members, researchers and students, as well as the research director, Professor Tadesse Fetahi. At the end of the seminar participants were engaged in discussions on various issues brought up during the Nobel lecture.

Participants of the Nobel Seminar at the Ras Mekonnen Hall: At the from left to right is Professor Tadesse Fetahi, Director of Research of AAU and Member of the AAU University-wide Public Seminar Organizing Committee, Professor Zelalem Leyew and Professor Brook Lemma, Chairperson of the same committee and Coordinator of the AAU-Sida/Sweden projects.