I. Introduction

This is the first six-month activity report of 2019/20 budget year. The report is organized and presented by two main sections. In the first section, planned activities for the project period from July 2018 toJune2019 but executed or pending to be executed in July 2019 to June2020. In the next section, planned activities for the project period of July 2019 to2020 and their statuses are presented.

The budgets used in the tables below are original budget from 5 years approved project proposal on July 07 2018(AAU-Sida agreement). If it is approved, the modified budget we submitted after annual review meeting for the year of 2019/20 will be used.

II. Planned Activities for 2018/19 and executed in 2019/20

In 2018/19 plan recruiting and enrolling 4 PhD students in Electrical Power and Control Engineering was planned. Some of the activities were transferred to 2019/20 due to different reasons. The following table indicates status of activities transferred to 2019/20 from 2018/19.

       A. Supervision capacity building training at Chalmers

Two Ethiopian Professors were to take PhD supervisor capacity building course at Swedish University during 2018/19.  Tuition fee was budgeted to be 4500 SEK per professor. However, it was found out that the tuition fee for foreigners per person was about 20,000 SEK. The training should not be transferred any more as students are already enrolled and should benefit. Therefore; there has to be some rearrangement in budget to cover the tuition fee. Three arrangements in combination were done.

  1. Partial distance learning arranged to study lecture materials for some lectures.
  2. Some four days stay in Sweden reduced from stay in Sweden and the corresponding per-diem to cover the tuition fee difference of 15000 SEK per person.
  3. The yearly student work review and next year plan meeting in Sweden arranged to overlap with the course delivery time.

Accordingly; four professors (two planned for 2018/19 and two planned for 2019/20) have registered for the courses at KTH Royal Institute of Technology to attend the course beginning February 2020.

  B. Workshop Organization at Addis Ababa University

Yearly workshop, on which PhD students present their progress and proposal in the presence of professors, takes place at Addis Ababa University. The first workshop, budgeted for 2018/19 took place in November 2019.

 C. Professional conference Participation

Four supervising professors go for professional conference contributing paper each year. Three conference participation took place in August 2019 out of the four budgeted for 2018/19. One more is in process of review being submitted.

 D.  Coordination Cost

A coordination cost of 14400 SEK was budgeted to cover local research activity like travel cost (transport, accommodation), minor materials.

One of PhD students working on electric insulators and supervisors have planned to observe insulators at Mekele and DireDawa area, January 13-17, 2020.

2019/2020 Budget
S.No. Activity Agreement Budget

(per 2018/19 Plan)

Budget year implemented
2018/19 2019/20 Still pending
1.1  (SEK 398,400.00) (398,400.00)
Air Ticket (2×9900=19800) 19,800.00 19,800.00
Tuition fee (2×4500=9000) 9000.00 9000.00
Per-diem(Originally planned for 60 days, but enough only for 60 days) 250443.2 250443.2
1.2 Workshop Organization at Addis Ababa University 10000.00 10,000.00
1.3 Professional conference Participation 125,252.00 93,939.00 31313.00
Air ticket (9900×4) 39600.00 29700.00 9900.00
Per-diem, conference payment, visa processing) 85652.00 64,239.00 21,413.00
1.4 Coordination Cost (local trans) 14400.00 14400.00