III. 2019/20 Budget year Plan and July 1-December 31st performance  

A. Twelve (12) PhD students’ trip to Sweden

Twelve PhD students will stay in Sweden at their corresponding professor’s laboratory. 4 students are second year students who were enrolled in 2018/19 and the other 8 recruited this year (2019/20 academic year). The Sweden stays have been scheduled for all with their professors. Accordingly, all have applied for visa and air ticket purchased for them.

B. Laboratory Equipment purchase

Laboratory equipment worth 218,000 SEK is planned to be purchased for this year. Specification completed and purchase requisitions have been raised according to government purchasing procedure.

C. Supervision capacity building training at Chalmers

2 Ethiopian Professors were to take PhD supervisor capacity building course at Swedish University during 2019/20.  Tuition fee was budgeted to be 4500 SEK per professor. However, it was found out that the tuition fee for foreigners per person was about 20,000 SEK. The training should not be transferred any more as students are already enrolled and should benefit. Therefore; there has to be some rearrangement in budget to cover the tuition fee. Three arrangements in combination were done.

  1. Partial distance learning arranged to study lecture materials for some lectures.
  2. Some four days stay in Sweden reduced from stay in Sweden and the corresponding per-diem to cover the tuition fee difference of 15000 SEK per person.
  3. The yearly student work review and next year plan meeting in Sweden arranged to overlap with the course delivery time.

Accordingly; four professors (two planned for 2018/19 and two planned for 2019/20) have registered for the courses at KTH Royal Institute of Technology to attend the course beginning February 2020.

2019/20 Budget
S. No. Activity Budget July 2019-December 2019


January 2020-June 2020

Agreement budget (2019/20 Plan budget)

3.1 Trip for Sandwich students 118,800.00 118,800.00
3.2 Laboratory Equipment  (218000.00) In process  (218000.00)
3.3 Supervision capacity building training at Chalmers  (398,400.00) Registration done  (398,400.00)
3.4 4 Ethiopian Professors visit to Sweden  (224,120.00)  (224,120.00)
3.5 Workshop Organization at Addis 10,000.00 10,000.00
3.6 Professional conference Participation  (125,816.00)  (125,816.00)
3.7 Coordination Cost (local trans) 14400.00 14400.00